We partnered with Mars Inc. on the introduction of several new products into the marketplace.


One of them was Twix Bites a new version of Twix being introduced into the marketplace.


Incorporating video content into the posts was key, so we created a branded video player to highlight the new commercial for Twix Bites and asked influencers to tell us who they would share their Twix Bites with.


We sent participating influencers a Twix branded box with product samples and custom made perch to share on social and some to giveaway to their audience as well.


This outreach was so successful Mars Inc. tapped us to do the same type of outreach with several other products like Snickers Monster Satisfaction and even had us poll influencers and readers to vote on what the new Snickers bar should be named.


We were added to that campaign with only 1 week left in the voting window and were able to create a vote now button that linked to the Facebook polling app and generate over 90 blog posts, mixing millennials with moms and family blogs to generate over 3mm impressions in under two weeks.