Orkin challenged us to increase their social media presence and create and cultivate a group of mom and family influencers online. They wanted to engage influencers on a constant basis, forming a dedicated influencer network.


We put together a plan for Orkin to engage influencers quarterly and focus the original content on pest prevention and educational programs for moms and families. We fashioned Orkin content into embeddable blog apps that moms could syndicate and create discussion around.


For example: during the months of August and

September we created a “Back To School” educational outreach and during the winter months “Pest Prevention and Safety.”


Each outreach, 120 to 140 influencers participated and generated between 3,000 to 5,000 tweets and 500 facebook shares. Building this dedicated group, allowed Orkin to expand its core customer base, and introduce their services in a unique way, which was different than their other forms of advertising.