Brand ambassador programs are the perfect way to engage influencers on a consistent basis. This type of outreach creates raving fans and keeps their readers engaged and tuned in to what your brand is promoting in a fun and exciting way.


It’s the perfect thing for new product launches, ongoing messaging and a way to get influencers excited about what you’re doing.


We’ve initiated and ran programs like this for big brands such as Chick-fil-A and Orkin who used the program to talk about new services they were rolling out and also increase positive brand sentiment across all social channels.


This type of outreach is also effective for smaller brands, recently we did an ambassador program labeled the Level 33 insiders, for indie film studio Level 33. They produce films ranging from romantic comedies to horror to festival acquisitions. The program was especially effective in getting people to review their content and get the word out there about their films, especially to people who otherwise might not have seen them.


MGM has been doing a program like this for their dici-net channels COMET and CHARGE!. We put together a custom plan to reach out to sci-fi, horror, film buffs and Movie Moms to promote their content.


This program was a huge success, which introduced the channel to a new demographic that was never exposed to their programming.


You can see the full case study for the COMET TV brand ambassador program here.


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